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We offer full and limited real estate marketing solutions. As a result of the information age, many American homeowners are directly involved or handle their own sales, others require full assistance due to their busy schedule. In order to join the ranks of the successful sellers, you need to realistically assess what’s involved. The routine parts of the job involve pricing your home accurately, determining whether or not a buyer is qualified, creating and buying your own advertising, and coordinating the details of a closing.  

With 561REALTY.com you determine which marketing solution best fits your needs to accomplish the sell of your home. This slow economy requires tremendous exposure and low commission for a marketable & competitive asking price. This is where 561REALTY.com can help. We provide Service, Exposure & Low Commission!! The perfect combination for a rapid closing. 

Take the first step to selling your home, schedule an appointment and have a licensed real estate professional answer your questions. Please e-mail or call 561-577-5777