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For a NO CHARGE mortgage loan pre-qualification or refinance application, the applicants must furnish the following items at the time of the application appointment:

  1. Driverís License or State Photo ID Card and Social Security Card

  2. Alien Registration Card (if not a U.S. citizen)

  3. Last 2 years complete signed personal Income Tax Returns with all schedules and W2ís. If Tax Returns are not available, we will need a printout of your tax information from the IRS.

  4. If self-employed, we will need a current year-to-date profit/loss and balance sheet.

  5. Name, address and telephone number of your employer(s) for the most recent two year period. We must have a two-year record of employment or satisfactory explanation for any lapses of employment.

  6. Name, address and telephone number for landlord(s) for the most recent two-year period.

  7. Most recent three months statements for ALL bank accounts (savings, checking, pension, stocks/bonds, money market, IRA)

  8. Gift letter (if applicable) and proof of transfer of gift funds.

  9. Statement of stable income. Most recent one month of pay stubs, social security benefits letter, six months print out of court ordered child support payments or disability awards letter.

  10. Written explanation(s) of any outstanding credit issues, along with proof of payment of any debts (paid receipts) of any past due, collections or judgment items on the credit report.

  11. Name, address and account numbers of credits for all credit and liability accounts.

  12. If refinance, need copy of recorded warranty deed, owners title policy, current mortgage escrow statement, homeowners insurance policy, tax bill and copy of most recent payment coupon.